For any innovation to become a reality one requires fertile ground (conducive environment), correct timing, some belief in the field, a magnificent team of people who share the passion for the subject, determination and urge to succeed. If we look at the history, from the time of Thomas Alva Edison to the modern days of Steve Jobs, we realize that innovation has to be backed up by solid technical credentials (may not be degree) and interdisciplinary approaches. A fertile ground for start-ups can be prepared by bringing together people with sound technical knowledge to ignite an innovative spark and rest will fall into places. Thus motivated, at ADMA we are starting a new series on “Start-up and Discrete Mathematics” to create technology-enabled startups from the year 2018, which will focus on the theme “How Discrete Mathematics can help to generate start-ups ?”. We all know how Industry is using Discrete Mathematics in its everyday business. There are numerous examples of how this can be done. For example, graph theory can be used to solve the problem of the digital auction. Coding theory can be used to reliably store or communicate data. All the modern technology gadgets (for example phone) are equipped with error-correction algorithms. Most challenges of cybersecurity can be solved using the ideas from Discrete Mathematics. The aim of the Technology Enabled Startup day and Discrete Mathematics is to bring Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Industry people together to generate innovation that can give rise to new start-ups and support the challenges of the industry.  We are planning to invite all the start-ups from the country to mix with the Mathematicians and the Industry people to seek new opportunities.

Events planned for the day:

Invited Talks: 

There will be talks by successful entrepreneurs on how they are using Discrete Mathematics for different applications. We plan to showcase how the industry or startups use Discrete Mathematics to target problems in data storage, data communication, security and pharmaceuticals. Through the industry and startup interactions, the young minds will have an opportunity to discuss their ideas with the experienced minds from the industry. This will be a great platform for the federation to build collaborations at the early phase of entrepreneurship.

Pitching Session:

This session is an opportunity for startups to get early adopters, feedback, meet angel investors, and engage with the community. Each registered startup will get 3 mins for their pitch, which will be followed by 2 mins QnA with participants. The presenters’ ideas will be examined by the panel. We’ll be selecting 10 promising tech startups from the community which will get chance to discuss their business ideas, implementation of idea, risks involved and other aspects of entrepreneurship with the experienced entrepreneurs in the industries. This will be closed room discussion

Panel Discussion:

The industrial panel discussion will encourage the young entrepreneur to share their idea with industry experts and exchange the knowledge base for the problem-solving. This will be a closed-door IP discussion.

Prize Distribution:

On the closure, exciting prizes will be awarded to the winners of the above competitions as a motivation and appreciation for their great efforts.


You can register to demo your venture here.

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From these shortlisted Startups, Prizes and Goodies will be given to winners of this session. Prize money for winning startup is Rs. 25,000/- and other goodies will be given.